Ice Bars & Luges

•wrigley april 2012 opening day
skyline bar 39
double martini luge 11
siu luge 8
luge with belvidere vodka 5
Martini Ice Luge 327
blue dragon luge 44
franklin american 1460
sam baseball luge 1422
cruise luge 1443
shelbi and todd love luge 1359
hearts luge 1385
baa luge 1141
orange tree bar 1046
007 belvidere bar 1010
fruit luge 737
wedding bar 446
luge setup 419
stoli luge
Mariano's 208
Ice bar - Shard bar
Lion Bar
Bar-Chicago Skyline
ice fountain
itw bar
corona 1549
effen vodka 1539
cube servers
pink ice bar
dolphin luge
animal bar
the wit ice bar
orange ice bar
ice shots
lion ice bar
city ice bar
jackie and chris ice bar
beer pong
blue ice bar
bartender ice bar
absolut outrageous
bears luge
coors light
coors light bar
Skyline at Millenium Bar
grey goose bar
two straw drink
Comcast Luge
absolut bar with tenders
ice bar
super bowl pary luge
miller chill
absolut bar
Absolut double bottle ice luge
Stoli-Illini Logo ice luge
Snowflake ice luge
Petey Ice luge pumping station
Peacock Ice Bar oval
McFaddens ice luge
Kettle One ice luge
Ice Bar with orchids and monogram
Ice bar with names-branches-bottle holders
Ice bar with etched flames
Grey Goose ice bar
Grey Goose ice bar with color
Green Shamrock Ice luge
Glamorama Ice Bar
Ferris Wheel ice luge
Faucet ice luge pumping station
Ed Hardy ice luge
Double martini glass ice luge
Cubs-Svedka ice luge
Chicago Skyline with the bean ice luge
Chicago Skyline with the bean ice bar
Baileys-Equality Illinois ice luge
Arlington Million-Korbel ice bar
Alter-Chalice multi block ice luge
Absolut ice luge pumping station
Absolut Bottle Ice Luge